Friday, 14 April 2017

4 Cool Strategies to Enhance User Engagement on Your Mobile App

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Today customers are undoubtedly “Kings” as they have infinite options around and businesses are working harder than ever to please them. No wonder they jump from service to service and remain loyal only to that which they perceive as simple and valuable. Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges that a mobile application development agency faces today. However, all hope is not lost, there are plenty of ways to engage your audience and here are a few of them:
4 Cool Strategies to Enhance User Engagement on Your Mobile App

1) What value are you bringing to your users?
This question you must ask yourself right from the inception stage of your app. Every decision of yours must revolve around this question. After all, you must provide some good reason to your app users to choose your app over your competitors’.

2) Provide a seamless onboarding experience

While you design your app, keep the non-technical users in mind. Make your app as simple as possible because too many steps to sign up, confusing features, cluttered screens will only lead to app abandonment. Providing an easy onboarding experience will surely reduce the app abandonment rate.

3) Engage them via different channels

When it comes to engaging your users, there cannot be a one size fits all approach! Rather engaging them via multiple channels can yield great returns on investment. Here are few ways to enable your users to keep your app at the top of their minds:

  • Email campaigns: You can send your users newsletters on weekly or monthly basis. Or email them about discounts, special deals, promotions, news, etc. Another thing that you can do is send automated welcome email after a new user signs up to your app.
  • Push notifications: You can send contextual and personalized messages based on behavioural data and preferences. Remember not to cross the fine line between reminding users about your app and spamming them. Otherwise they will surely delete your app.

4) Enhance app user experience

Keep updating your app with new features as per user feedbacks. Dig your app analytics, if you want to understand your users and iterate your app according to their needs. Update your app and fix bugs constantly, thus make sure their experience is pleasant.


The key to effective user engagement is about truly understanding what your users want. So, what is your strategy to engage your users? If you are an app user, what do you look for in an app most? We would love to hear from you.


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