Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Increase in the rise of mobile search

The number of people searching on the mobile phone is rising today, due to the growth of mobile devices around the world. Mobile search provides the company with opportunities to reach its customers at the right time and in a right way. People using their mobile devices to search, continues to grow, as the mobile adoption rates rise.

Devices like, Smartphone, and tablets are gaining market share, as they are now considered as the go-to device for communicating, emailing, social networking, taking photos, and finding and researching products, services, and businesses.


Consumers rely on smart phones more than ever, to help them shop for products and services. The nature of mobile search is different from desktop search. Users can now search from any geographical location. This means the search is being used in many situations and contexts, from checking reviews of the products while in a physical store to finding somewhere nearby to eat.

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59% of all Smartphone users regularly access search, and 25% of all search queries are made from mobile devices. 58% of all smart phone users use mobile internet connection while 42% are on wifi.

Paid search clicks that come from mobile devices

Dec’ 13 – 34.2%
Dec’ 14 – 42% (increased by 37%)
Dec’ 15 – Expected to rise to 50% (42% increase)
The use of Smartphone, mainly happens, when –
In store – 15%
Waiting -14%
In cafĂ©/restaurant – 10%
Commuting – 13%
At home – 36%
Mobile searches happen most during-
Mid-day to 6pm – 36%
6pm to midnight – 40%
Midnight to midday – 24%


50% of all mobile searches have local intent while its only 20% from the desktop. From, which 78% of all local mobile searches lead to offline purchases. More than 55% of conversions from mobile search take place within an hour. After performing a mobile search, 73% of the users perform more action and 27% of which stay put.

36% continue researching
25% visit business website
18% share information
17% visit a business premises
7% call a business


50% of all searches fail to find what the searcher is looking for.

Collectively, all this data indicates a long, slow declined in traditional desktop search. And this is the reason why companies like Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in mobile search applications.2014 has been a big year for mobile search. Globally, mobile has been overtaking desktop search in the volume of overall mobile queries made from handheld devices.


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