Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The secret powers of Android Accessibility features

There are diversified ranges of features on Android Smartphone which no one takes time to use or enjoy. The accessibility setting in the Android phone which is rarely visited by so many android users, which settings, if tweaked properly makes the use of Android Smartphone more enjoyable and flexible.
Although, most of the Android users think that these settings are meant for the disabled, however, that’s not true, everyone can make the best of its utilization.


Let us see few of these features:

1. Zoom anywhere with magnification gestures:

Enabling the ‘Magnification Gestures” allows the user to Zoom anything on the Android device (except for the keyboard, and notification bar). It’s very easy to implement too. The user will simply need to triple tap the region required to be enlarged, and then pan it further with multiple fingers to adjust the screen. Pinching the screen also allows adjusting the zoom level.

2. End a call with power button:

To quickly cut the call, when it rings, just press the power button – that’s all the user will have to do, if the “Power button ends call” setting is enabled on the phone.
This option is useful, when the person is busy in a meeting and needs to cut the incoming call without having to take the phone out of the pocket. There’s nothing more to this one, however, it can be of great use to a few.

3. Turn any book into an Audio book:

Google’s built-in “Text to speech output” option can turn any book into an audio book. This option doesn’t work with Pocket or even Kindle, but with Google’s playbook apps, any book can be read aloud. Even the voice can be customized to according to the user’s likes.
Since it is Google’s own engine, the user can choose from the variety of voice data options, for an accent or a language that best suits the user’s preferences. The person can also choose the rate of speed, between the nine speeds. Besides this option, it is also advisable to turn on the “High quality voice” option, to ward off the robotic type speech sound.

4. Get Larger text system:

If the font size of the phone is not enough for the user to read it with ease, android phone gives an option in the accessibility settings to enable “Large texts”, which will work across the system. Hence, the font is made large everywhere and it also makes it legible.

5. Enable/Disable Accessibility feature with a shortcut:

The above mentioned accessibility features, might not be used all the time. A simple shortcut will let the user to enable or disable this feature.
For instance, the larger text option might not come to use all the time. However, can be kept enabled, but can be switched on and off with a simple short-cut. This short-cut can be created in two ways: by pressing and holding the power button, or by touching and holding two fingers.
The accessibility options will help the user to get more out of the device than they ever thought.

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