Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Opt for the Best Platform Between Android and iOS for Your App?

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Android is the reigning champion among operating systems, in terms of market share, and this winning trend is likely to continue for the near future. In the same category, iOS however is next to Android. Yet, if you consider on revenue iOS tops the list of OS. So, if you want to choose one among these two platforms, give a thought on the following pointers:

Let facts speak

As per Statista, number of applications available in Google Play Store exceeds the number of apps in Apple App Store by almost 6.7 percent (as of July 2015). Even in total number of downloads Google Play Store takes the lead. Another report from Statista reveals that the smartphone market is dominated by Google’s android having the largest slice with 81.6 percent and Apple’s iOS with 15.9 percent. And there won’t be significant changes in this data in the years to come, confirms a study by IDC Worldwide.

Find your niche

Even before you start with your app it is very crucial to find a target audience for your app. Having the prospective user in mind would help you to design with focus on achieving intuitive user experience. Even conducting a market research to find a niche for your app is worth the money spent.

Technical expertise

After you get your target audience, you need to decide on whether you want to do in-house development or want to outsource it to development service providers in developing countries. Developing an app for android or iOS, or for that matter any platform, call for a firm grip on the fundamentals of programming.

App development cost

Make an estimate of total development cost of making an app. Weigh this development cost against the key performance indicators to get an idea of your return on investments (ROI). Now zero in on one platform out of the two that is likely to offer more ROI.

Sources to generate revenue

The trend is such that android apps are offered for free by android developers yet iOS app developers charge money from users on the purchase of app. How do android developers earn money then? Well they depend on in-app ads and banners to generate revenue. Therefore, the source of revenue generation is important enough to influence your decision while selecting the platform for your app.

Here we have discussed about a few criteria that needs to be taken under consideration while you choose the right platform, between android and iOS, for your app. Hope you have understood by now that choosing the right platform depends on your requirements and likings. If you are still confused then get professional support from mobile app development specialist.

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Unknown said...

Hi-ya. Well, on nowaday, i would to use Android for development, because there's more people with Android devices, and AdMob made cool advertisment policy for Android Users. Also, Android has less requirments for market publishing, then iOS. Check out article here: http://vironit.com/android-vs-ios-what-is-the-best-platform-for-mobile-development/

Paul Cook said...

Thank you for reading my post. Although niche finding appears simple in the article, it is in fact a very tricky and time consuming process and demands cross-functional professionals right from SEO-specialists, marketer, mobile app developers and others to be on the same page.

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