Monday, 19 September 2016

Why HTML5 is the Popular Choice of Mobile App Development Specialists?

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Multi-device application deployment being the new normal, more and more developers are getting loyal to the HTML5 platform. Have a look at the reasons below to find out yourself why the platform seems so promising.

Cross-platform compatibility

Apps developed with HTML5 can run across all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Developers need not write separate code for separate platforms hence the development of HTML5 apps demands less efforts and resources.


Allows serving larger audience

There is wide range of smartphone devices available in the market right from high-end to low cost ones. As HTML5 apps can be run on various devices irrespective of cost, it provides enterprises great option to serve all types of audiences.

Automatic app updates

Since apps developed with HTML5 run in a browser and are not installed in the device itself, updates reflect instantly in the application. Users need not update manually or do anything. The app automatically updates all users and they always use the same version making it easier for users and app service providers.

App portability

Apps powered by HTML5 can adapt to any device with any platform and this flexibility of the language makes it favorite among developers.

Easy to develop

Developing HTML5 app is quite easy compared to native and hybrid apps, since developers have to write code only once and deploy it across all the platforms.

Robust features

HTML5 powered apps are packed with powerful features and hence deliver high performance. This enables developers to amend many things in less time by sticking to a single utility which offers multiple features.

Free and open-source

Being a free and open source tool, HTML5 has a rich community of developers available to work on this platform and organizations can easily find HTML5 programmers. That means organizations can expect smooth navigation of development process with no dearth of developers for this tool. Moreover, from hiring point of view also HTML5 offers a cost-effective solution to organizations as HTML5 developers have reasonable remunerations.

Helps to build hybrid apps

HTML5 is used for building hybrid apps that give the look and feel of native apps at a very low development cost compared to native apps. They work across all platforms yet offer full device integration.

Device integration

HTML5 developers can create hybrid apps which allow full device integration. These apps can access all the device features like camera, microphone, address book, etc. Therefore, if your organization requires access to device sensors then hybrid app developed with HTML5 is the solution. 

Responsive design

HTML5 apps are responsive as they convert their user interface according to the platform and specification of the device. Moreover, it adapts to different screen sizes of various devices ensuring seamless user experience.

Hope the above mentioned reasons were convincing enough to make you understand why HTML5 is the most promising tool for mobile app development. If you want to build your own app then get in touch with mobile app development specialists who are adroit at delivering expert and cost-effective solution.

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