Monday, 22 August 2016

4 Fantastic Ways of Finding a Niche for Your Mobile App

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Finding a profitable niche for your new mobile app can be tricky but worth at the same time. It provides you the opportunity to understand what each audience wants from a mobile app. Thus, as an app developer you can gather plenty of cool ideas for creating solutions and experiences that are more precisely tailored to the needs of a specific user group.

Here we go with some super cool ways of finding your market subset which is essential as well as rudimentary in mobile app development:
1. Discover niche market keywords: Now start with a random brainstorming session to think of quite a few niche ideas. Then utilize the handy online keyword analysis tools to find out what people are looking for in those niches and generate keywords. Once you have your own set of niche market keywords check out their competitiveness through search engine rankings. Then zero in on that one particular niche and let it be your focal point while developing your app.

2. Unearth outdated apps to get ideas: You can even look for apps which have record downloads but no available updates. You can craft your app with more convincing features than the abandoned app paving a way to win over the outdated app users’ loyalty.
3. Focus on conversion not impression: Remember you may have only few seconds to influence your target audience to get your app downloaded. So treat your app page like a landing page that converts. Rather than having impressive reviews on that page, describe your app does in just one or two lines. Get creative with the screenshot to resemble a poster that tells what your app does instead of being just a screenshot of your app on the phone.
4. Find innovative ways to get feedback: Once your app is out there in the market make it sustain the competition by connecting with your app users. Let them contact you if they have any issues with your app way before going to the review column. Negative reviews can make your app rating drop. Therefore, encourage your customers to find potential bugs in your app by declaring awards, that too, huge for early birds.
Hope these ideas equip you well to get started with finding your niche and realizing profits from your app. Wish you luck!

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can you show me how do i find niche, please

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